Hey, I'm Bren! 👋

Thanks for taking an interest in learning more about me.

As a UX/UI designer specializing in B2B SaaS, I create intuitive and beautiful product designs that keep your users coming back for more so that you can grow your business.

Over the past 8 years, I’ve delivered results for dozens of SaaS companies and startups, helping them scale their SaaS and retain more users through beautiful and intuitive UI/UX design.

Does any of this sound familiar?

❌ Your product is confusing and complex to use.
❌ Your product is boring and easily forgotten.
❌ Your product UX/UI isn’t as good as others in the industry.
❌ Your product doesn’t work well on mobile devices.
❌ Your product is losing users very quickly.
❌ Users are not subscribing to your product.
❌ You want to create a new product, but don’t know where to start.

I get it.
You’re too busy to figure this stuff out. Your specialty isn’t design. I can help.
Leave the pixel pushing to me, while you take care of moving the needle for your business.
I revel in crafting functional and growth-based UX / UI design using the latest design practices and conversion-based principles to help grow and scale businesses. In other words, I love what I do and helping my clients achieve their goals.
I’m blessed and grateful to have worked with dozens of wonderful entrepreneurs over the years, several of which have resulted in raising millions of dollars in funding and private acquisitions.

But maybe you’re wondering, “Why should I work with you?"

  • I’m an easy-going person to work with and can write & communicate effectively – something you’re going to value a lot when it comes to actually working on a design project together.
  • Any client working with me gets the attention, care, and availability they need in order to 1) get the right designs and 2) solve the right problems.
  • I do this full-time, for a living. That means you’re working with a real professional who takes this very seriously; somebody who is great with timelines, people, and project management.
  • I treat our relationship like a partnership, where we’re both committed to succeeding in a strategic and smooth manner. You won’t find this level of detail or service as personalized anywhere else.

What makes me different from others?

Here are just a few of the things I’ve done that differentiates me from others:

  • Worked with dozens of clients across the world, with previous managers from Google, Destructoid, ADL, and more.
  • Won top awards from Product Hunt – 1st place, 3rd place, and more, etc.
  • Successfully shipped and launched dozens of side projects: SaaS AI Tools, SaaS Prompts, SaaS Boilerplates, and many more.
  • Singlehandedly grew an email list to 15,000+ email subscribers.
  • Built an audience on LinkedIn (2,200+ followers), X (2,500+ followers) and Product Hunt (4,000+ followers).
  • Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interaction Design from a college in Ontario, Canada.

There's more to it though!

When you work with me, not only will you get someone who knows how to design UX/UI experiences from scratch, but also:

  • A project manager: From project scoping, planning & estimations. It’s all baked into my unique and proven process.
  • A web & marketing designer: From landing pages to functional WordPress websites, I’ve got you covered on that end as well. I’ve designed and built this entire website myself, along with SaaS AI Tools, SaaS Prompts, and many more.
  • A copywriter: English is my native language. I can help sling words together in order to change your users’ behavior.
  • A collaborator: I work closely with B2B companies with their SaaS product strategies by providing them with fully-conceptualized & engaging user flows.

We’ll be a great working fit together if:

  • You’re action-oriented with a focus on getting things done
  • You understand that design is never perfect, but continually refined and iterated on
  • You appreciate the value of well-written responses, thoughts & feedback
  • You care about tangible results and seeing deliverables instead of hours spent
  • You can and prefer to work asynchronously

A few fun details about me:

  • 🎮 I ran a popular Call of Duty website when I was 17 (and sold it for five figures).
  • 🕺 I love playing DDR.
  • 🐵 I can type at at a speed of 160 WPM.

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