How ProdPad Uses Gamification to Onboard its Users

Launched in 2012, ProdPad is a product management platform that helps product managers develop product strategy and roadmaps.

They’ve incorporated many different gamification techniques and principles into their product’s user journey.

Right off the bat during their user onboarding flow, they have introduced gamification by allowing users to gain additional days on their free trial. Most SaaS companies these days offer a free trial of their software before asking for credit card details, but ProdPad takes this to the next level by rewarding users with additional days for completing in-app related actions.

Let’s take a closer look at what this looks like.

It starts off like any simple sign-up screen, asking users for their first and last name, company name, but also what problems they’re looking to solve. This helps the company determine what pain points are needing to be scratched, and which kind of B2B personalization they can then tailor and provide to that specific user.

The platform then provides two types of onboarding: The Student and The Explorer. Both are different approaches to their product’s orientation – one is more hand-holding with instructionals, while the other is for those preferring to dive right in and learn as they go. I selected “The Student” as I wanted to take a deeper look at their onboarding journey.

After selecting the option, I’m immediately given a free gift: an additional 7 days on my free trial. Very nice. I’m introduced to a cute and friendly character, and told that I can look out for a symbol that allows me to earn even more days to my free trial.

This makes me more likely to complete these actions so I can therefore reap the rewards of a longer free trial.

The next couple of steps help me to begin familiarizing myself with the product’s workflow by completing certain actions. In doing so, I’m also earning additional days on my free trial. Most likely, a free trial limit already is already set in stone, but they’re doing it in a way that is smart and allows the user to gain these extra days.

For every next step I complete during ProdPad’s onboarding flow, I’m awarded with another day or two extension of the trial.

At the end, I’m presented with a celebration screen using a smooth confetti animation and a total of +12 extra days added to my trial, simply by setting up a product initiative and an idea.

The next part brings me to their primary dashboard screen. There’s quite a bit going on here, but one thing I noticed in particular was that I could add even more days to my trial.

By clicking on the top notification bar, a slider pulls out offering more days for completing further actions – such as inviting colleagues, adding data like feedback and personas, or even billing details.

Overall, this was an interesting way to gamify the onboarding experience and to make users more likely to complete it.

It’s a fun a little way to make their onboarding experience more interactive, engaging, and rewarding at the same time.

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