Redesigning the Inbox for an Omnichannel Messaging Platform

Bren from SaaS Designer
June 27, 2024

Welcome to SaaS Before & After!

This is a mini-series in which I redesign the UX/UI of single screens. These redesigns are not meant to be comprehensive, as I spend limited time on each one (usually under an hour each).

Instead, they focus on ‘quick wins’ – small changes that can make a significant impact.

For many of these redesigns, I’m focusing on improving minor aesthetics and UI elements.

Please note that a full redesign project often requires in-depth research and a deeper understanding of the underlying problems.

These quick redesigns are meant to showcase potential improvements rather than provide complete solutions.

Client names have been redacted in order to protect the privacy of the clients.

I took on the challenge of redesigning ChatBreezes to address its lackluster interface and improve its overall visual appeal while maintaining its functional integrity.

The previous design was dull and uninspiring, with a pale color scheme that failed to reflect the brand’s dynamic nature. Additionally, issues with typography, alignment, and labeling detracted from the user experience.

To revitalize the interface, I infused more of the brand’s color palette, focusing on vibrant purple and blue hues to create a more engaging and visually appealing environment.

Recognizing the importance of efficient message searching, I repositioned the “Search” bar to a more prominent and accessible location, enabling users to find messages quickly and easily.

The icons were updated to be more modern and cohesive with the new design language. Minor adjustments to the header and sidebar were implemented to improve navigation and overall user flow. Furthermore, I consolidated the “Workspace” icons within the leftmost sidebar, streamlining access and enhancing usability.

Product Overview

ChatBreezes is an omnichannel messaging platform that helps businesses turn chats into sales.

It captures potential customers, automates conversations, and lets companies talk to people across different channels, all from one place.

With ChatBreezes, businesses can easily share product details, make sales directly through chat, and get instant insights about their customers to make every conversation more personal.

It’s like having a super smart chat assistant that keeps customers engaged and helps businesses grow by making sure no conversation is missed.



This was fun to redesign! The goal of these enhancements are not only to improve the aesthetics, but contribute to a more intuitive and enjoyable user experience in order to support ChatBreezes’ goal of increasing engagement and driving conversions for businesses.