Torch analyzes online conversations to help mission-driven organizations shape their strategies and forge meaningful partnerships.

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    Torch is a mission-driven platform to search content exclusively from 1.6+ million organizations and 50,000+ U.S. elected officials.

    Torch enables corporations, NGOs, and governments to bring order, meaning, and control to social media by verifying and making searchable social media intelligence to combat misinformation.

    With Torch, organizations can search millions of social media posts from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube and public emails in a real-time dashboard with customized feeds and reporting tools.

    I worked closely with developers to conceptualize and flesh out new product features and user flows. Below are some of the resulting features I worked on.

    Social Intelligence-Based Searching & Aggregation

    Torch is geared towards organizations to help strengthen their fundraising, communications, and advocacy. Using proprietary technology and approaches, Torch aggregates and indexes content across platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, even emails – all while ensuring it is verifiable and reliable.

    With the sheer amount of misinformation and fake news in circulation today, Torch has found its unique use case by bringing massive amounts of quality sources and insights straight to its end users.

    One of the main areas I worked on was the Torch search results feed, an aggregated feed of data and insights pulled from social sources that make it easy for non-technical users and organizations to digest information.

    Crafting an Onboarding Experience

    I was put in charge of creating an onboarding experience for Torch’s end users. As a B2B SaaS company, Torch needed a scalable user flow that was approachable, simple, and smooth to follow through from start to end.

    I worked closely with the engineering and product team to determine what an ideal user journey would look like based on user behaviour, feedback, and technical feasibility.

    Additionally, I helped Torch put together various training documents, sales proposals, a dedicated help center, and content portal allowing users to self-assist themselves.

    Creating a Daily COVID-19 Digest Report

    I helped Torch put together the COVID-19 Daily Report, which allows organizations of interest to sign up to receive a daily report on what nonprofits, funders, elected officials, and other civic influencers across the United States are saying and doing about COVID-19.

    Maintaining & Exporting Watchlist Reports

    What good is data if you can’t take action on it? At Torch, we created the Watchlist Export, a data-rich dossier that matters to organizations with easy one-click exports that could analyze any feed in Torch. Useful for stakeholders to bring to their presentations or teams or need insights saved at a glance for a specific period date.

    Tracking an Organization’s Social Media Performance

    Organizations can also utilize Torch to keep track of their own social media performance and insights. As one of the newer features of Torch, organizations can determine their posting frequencies, top hashtags, most shared content pieces, follower growth stats, and more across the social platforms they primarily use.